Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions of website including Copyright material.

1- All the content and images of this website are protected by Copyright & Trade Marks and they use is only for this website.
It is illegal to use any of our images or content, without asking permission to use it.

2- Anyone wishing to use any of the images showing in our website, need to ask permission to us first by email.

3- Please refer to the Copyrights UK Laws here.

4- A272 Riders Club was previous called Midhurst Motorcycle Club and was created by myself A. Semedo in 2012. I introduce the Club to the Web & Facebook and put the A272 Riders Club in the World Wide Web.

The register address is: 34 Lower Warden, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4PA

5- The Club "A272 Riders Club" the website design & content, the domain name a272-ridersclub.co.uk, the facebook page and facebook group are the property of the club.

6- The A272 Riders Club Digital Logo, any image show in the website belongs to the A272 Riders Club. The logo is Trade Mark and no one else has any rights to copy or use it without asking permission in writing. Any one using the Logo or images from our website or facebook pages without my authorisation we will take Court action against it.

7- The Club is to be used by all the members that have been approved by the Club.

8- The Website and the Facebook page are to be used by any Club Member with the rights to place any events and photos.

9- The Club reserves the right to who it may join the Club, and the Club have the authority to ask a member to leave the Club for the safety of the Club and Members, or for a member bad behaviour or comments towards another club member.

10- All the decisions on the Club will be decided by a Club Meeting with all the members attending that Meeting.

11- We do not tolerate any sort of bad behaviour racist comments, or discrimination to any of our members.

12- Club Membership. From January 2015 there will be a £10 Yearly Membership Fee, to help to pay for the costs and advertising fees of the club. The membership will run from January to end December each year.
By the end of that year is there is any money left in the Club, it will be put towards drinks in our Christmas Get Together Party.

13- The Membership Fee will be per rider and pillion, but only the rider is allow to be in any decisions for the Club. Both Rider & Pillion are allow to come to meetings and rides. It doesn't matter what bike you ride, you can ride more than one bike. New members: we will give you a 1 month free trial use of our facebook close members only group.

14- The Club have decided that the number of club members it is restricted to a maximum of 35 members.

15- The Membership Fee will be taken by the Club Treasurer on the first January Club Meeting. Anyone that doesn't pay will be automatic removed from our emailing list by the end of February. We reserve the right to keep anyone including sponsors.

16- Liability Disclaimer

I (The Member) understand that all activities I participate in with the Club and its members are taken at my own risk and I accept all responsibility for myself.
I (The Member) agree not to bring any claim against the organisers of this Club or any other member of the Club.
If I volunteer to lead a ride out or activity, then all riders/participants that follow do so at their own risk.


Club Rules


  1. •  Total membership not to exceed 35 members.
  2. •  Anyone can suggest and post a ride but add the Poll option if possible so we know who is attending.
  3. •  We ride in staggered formation when conditions allow.
  4. •  Keep position in the group ride and refrain from overtaking.
  5. •  Keep an eye on the rider behind you and if you don't see them, just stop and wait so the riders in front know.
  6. •  Speed limits agreed to especially in towns and villages.
  7. •  Anyone can lead a ride.
  8. •  You can invite a friend to ride with us.
  9. •  members are encouraged to attend club meetings (when we start to meet again)
  10. •  Safe riding and consideration for others.
  11. •  Club Membership fee to be paid by the end of January of each year.
  12. •  Members that fail to pay will automatically be removed from the Facebook Members Group and email.
  13. •  Members that do not pay into membership won't be allowed on rides, unless the club decides to allow it.

Rules last updated Decemberr 2022